Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Why Do I Give Thanks ?"

The GOOD NEWS Worldwide www.thegoodnewsworldwide21.blogspot.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/stmarkbaptistchurchatlanta Sunday, November 15, 2015 “Why Do I Give Thanks ?” RELIGION: Local area church news (Troy Street Baptist Church, 227 Troy Street Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA 30314) During the month that we give thanks, one local area church truly embodies giving thanks and has an even greater appreciation of thanksgiving, despite their lights and gas being off. A small area church with very few members, but the heart of servitude giving all that they have to give to the least of these throughout Metro Atlanta. In one of the poorest areas of Atlanta, this church and its leaders, are impacting Metro Atlanta, the country and the world through evangelism and social media. The members are from all parts of Metro Atlanta and some are transplants from other parts of the country, led by GOD to impact a community that even Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr called one of the poorest communities in Atlanta before his assassination and unfortunately it still is. The leaders are diligently working on community and economic development to change the lives of the children, women, men and families within this community, making every sacrifice to make sure that those that are less fortunate don’t go hungry or without the bare necessities of life and human decency. As the members and guests sat in their coats, jackets, sweaters, and skull caps listened every so intensely to the powerful message brought forth by Prophet Tim A. Carter, the anointing of GOD fell upon the praise & worship, on all of the members, musicians, visitors, guests and the speaker. The shekinah glory of GOD fell upon the entire service from beginning to end. The message that Prophet Tim A. Carter brought forth was entitled, “Why Do I Give Thanks ?” He had members and visitors stand to express why they give GOD thanks despite the trials and tribulations in their personal life and at the church. Minister Chevian Dudley stood up and stated that this was the best service that she had experienced since becoming a member and the assistant pastor of the church, because it was real despite our discomfort of being cold with the church doors open to light the room along with candles situated throughout the church. Despite losing his mother on Friday, November 13, 2015, Bishop D. T. Garner, was able to have church service with church members, guests and visitors. I wonder how many believers and well established churches in West Atlanta, throughout Metro Atlanta, the country and the world that will help us like the word of GOD says as we help the least of these in this community. This is why the global Body of Christ is out of order which has the world out of order too. Organized religion isn’t working together like one body, with many parts. If we worked together, the world would be a better place. There would be more love in the world. I will give this out to area churches, believers, businesses and see who responds. I will then list every where it was submitted to and give you an update on who reached out to me to help me to help this church and other area churches struggling financially to keep their lights on, gas on and to keep the doors of the churches open to serve the least of these and to help them to continue doing good works in the West Atlanta community. Stay tuned.

Friday, July 19, 2013


In The 21st Century
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Servant Prophet Tim Carter
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I write this to glorify God and to celebrate Jesus the Christ as I am being led by the Holy Spirit to inform, to empower, and to educate believers from around the world about the coming of Christ.
Nine months ago, I woke up out of my sleep crying over my mother. The Holy Spirit said, “Forgive your mother, she hurt the boy, she hurt the man, but she made the prophet, and the prophet supersedes the boy and the man.” The reason I had to forgive my mother, the prophetess, is because my mother was an alcoholic, drug addict, bipolar and an abusive mother. I called my grandmother and informed her of what the Holy Spirit said. She said, “Let me call you back.” Three days later, my grandmother called me back saying, “Your mother had a stroke today and she's in a coma, but you already knew.” For three weeks, everyone that I know prayed for my mother's recovery and churches put her on their intercessory prayer list. I even passed out fliers in the City of Atlanta. Complete strangers stood in a circle holding hands praying for my mother's recovery, because of my proactive behavior in seeking prayer. On a Wednesday morning, as I led in bed half asleep, I felt the presence of my mother and the Holy Spirit holding and comforting me from the inside out. Can you imagine the depth of love I felt during this moment? The Holy Spirit said, “I'm taking your mother home to be with the Lord and everything that was good in her, I am now giving it to you.” I called my grandmother, one of my pastor's and a neighbor informing them of what I was told by the Holy Spirit. My grandmother called me two days later on a Friday crying and saying, “The doctors just pronounced your mother dead today. She had another stroke Thursday night, the day after you and I talked that killed her, but you already knew...you always know.” After my mother's home going, the Holy Spirit said, “As I pour into you, I need you to pour into my people.” Every since my mother's home going celebration, I've been hearing and feeling people's prayers as well as meeting the people too. I'm pregnant with gifts, talents, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and revelation from God and the elders. I have a background in the following:
-        Arts & Entertainment; Education & Training
-        Health & Human Services; Advocacy; Volunteerism; Environment
-        Office Administration; Business Management; Investments
-        Restaurant/Hospitality/Tourism; American & World History
-        Religion & Spirituality; The Supernatural
-        Mass Communications; Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations
-        Property Management (Residential & Commercial)
-        Community & Economic Development
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In February of 2001, I woke up out of my sleep to write a prophetic poem about the past, the present and the future. The Holy Spirit said, “God is going to take the Christian faith and people of color higher in the 21st century. Everything that God will do will be seen in the news.”  Since 2001, I've seen or felt local, national and world events like 9-11, people’s deaths, earthquakes, job promotions, inventions, the election of President Obama and so many other events before they happened that glorify God and impact the world forever. Over the last fifty-years, Christian Broadcasting Network (Pat Robertson) and Trinity Broadcasting Network (Paul & Jan Crouch) have been the forerunners of Christian programming to glorify God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and because of your dedication and the dedication of Billy Graham, Joseph E. Lowery, Bishop T. D. Jakes, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Tamela Mann and so many other evangelistic pioneers have impacted the world for God and Jesus Christ forever. The only way any of you will see me is to get outside of organized religion, tradition, church protocol and the four walls of your places of worship. Organized religion has its place, it's the stepping stone and the catalyst to know me – The Father/The Mother/The Creator - but I AM THE GREAT I AM and I am so much bigger than organized religion. So many of you are putting religious leaders ahead of me; worshiping and idolizing them. With so many of you doing nothing outside of organized religion.  Jesus the Christ showed you how to take care of your Father's business by walking and meeting people wherever they are. Jesus the Christ showed you how to be a prophet, a pastor, a teacher, an evangelist and a minister (five-fold ministry). God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are so much bigger than what you've read in the Bible and so much more than what you've been taught. God is requiring more out of each of you beyond organized religion, beyond your titles, your positions, your places of worship, your tithes and your offerings. God is requiring that you utilize every gift and talent that you have to glorify Him. God is requiring that each of you help someone less fortunate than yourself, because when you care for the hungry, the homeless, the sick and the incarcerated you are also caring for Jesus the Christ.
If you look over the last thirteen years, since 2001, The Good News, through Christian and Gospel music, plays, films, television shows, websites, books, radio shows, magazine covers, newspaper stories and events, but more importantly through mainstream events like the Celebration of Gospel at the Superbowl, mainstream celebrities testifying about their lives like Steve Harvey, and mainstream networks producing television shows on WE tv, BET, Lifetime, and so many other mainstream networks have helped to spread The Good News of Jesus Christ. Even the church scandals of the 21st century glorify God. Every since I was a little boy, I could see, hear, and feel things. I've been having visions and dreams about the past, the present and the future every since I was a little boy. I was hungry, homeless, sick and incarcerated by the age of twenty-one which has made me hypersensitive to the Holy Spirit and to the hurting people of the world. I've been rejected and abused by family, bullied by classmates, rejected by the world and eve rejected by religious leaders too. I've been traveling the country for ten years impacting the lives of all that the Holy Spirit directs me to. In doing so, all that I have and that I am is God and doing my Father's business. My life belongs to Him. As a prophet, I've been ordained by God to take the Body of Christ higher in Him, beyond organized religion. As a prophet, I've been ordained by God, to bless the Body of Christ with all that I know, all that I have and with all that I have experienced. As a prophet, I've been ordained by God to bring the Body of Christ together despite denominations and traditions. Jesus is coming back soon! He is requiring that you come together as one church with many parts and come outside of the walls of religion. He is requiring that you come outside of the four walls of your buildings and to have a worldwide revival. It's harvest time! With the voice of God coming through me, with the voices of the angels coming through me singing praises unto the King, I am the trumpet preparing the world for the coming of Jesus the Christ.
How can you embrace Him when some of you are having difficulties embracing me – the prophet?
How can you embrace Him when some of you are having challenges understanding my worship?
How can you embrace Him when no effort is being made to care for the hungry, the homeless, the sick and the incarcerated?
Be blessed and utilize the gifts that are coming through me to glorify God and to impact your life and the lives of others. Wherever you are in the world, please share this newsletter with another believer, but more importantly to an unbelievers to plant the seed of love into their hearts and minds. Please feel free to contact me if there is anything that I can say or do to pour into your life. With love Servant Prophet Tim Carter. CONTACT – Email: thegoodnewsworldwide21@gmail.com
            I am writing a book, a play, a film, and a compilation music CD entitled, “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and Sometimes The Wonderful – A Love Letter from God.” I am in need of  producers, sponsors, creative business and artistic talent to help me to tell this beautiful love story that glorifies God. If you are interested in helping me to do so, please email me. Thank you.